Our Mission

Working together to preserve and revitalize houses in our community assuring that low-income elderly and disabled homeowners live in warmth, safety and independence.

A personal note about the mission of Christmas In Action:

Christmas in Action is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency that has successfully implemented the "tried and true" idea of "neighbor helping neighbor" by partnering with the community to repair the homes of low-income and/or disabled homeowners. When CIA's founder, Bobby Trimble, first started this program as a result of a lesson he was teaching to a group of young men in his Sunday School Class (scripture) he realized he had been led to a segment of our society which is, for the most part, completely overlooked. Local, state and federal government programs are "out there" for low-income young couples and children, and yet, there are virtually no programs to help the elderly and disabled who are living on fixed incomes. Think of it .. trying to live on Social Security or disability anywhere from $500 - $800/month! Imagine paying for a roof, plumbing, wheelchair ramp, etc., while trying to pay for prescriptions and food on this kind of income. Without Christmas in Action, literally thousands of elderly and disabled homeowners would have been displaced.

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